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Last Updated on 3/12/2010

The table below contains recent Beer Hopper owners' comments:

"You have a WINNER!" Copper Morrison
"We both love our Hoppers--used them all day yesterday, with the exception of wine." Janne and Larry Swearengen

"Jud, I did in fact receive the Beer Hoppers, just in time to wrap them and take them to the recipients' holiday party. They were thrilled! My friend grows his own hops which he used in the keg of homebrew we were drinking at the party, so the timing was particularly appropriate." George Gallagher

"Beer Hopper arrived this date by U.S. Mail. Mug works well, very impressed, mug will be displayed and reserved for private use at this location." Cyrus Hatfield
"We tried to hide a case of them because they were going so fast. But, the crowd found them and got them out before we could stop them." Jack Bretherick of IBM Global Services. 150 Beer Hoppers were purchased as giveaways for a Planet Tivoli event in Orlando.
"I found The Beer Hopper by keying in 'glass' and 'beer' on AOL. This is the item for my groomsmen for my upcoming wedding (and one for me too!) I'll need 8 of them with monograms." Scott Gilleland
"These are the perfect item to give to our homebrew contest judges. I want 12." Rick Theiner, homebrewer and future contest judge (if he passed the exam.)

I wanted to follow up with you now that all of my beer hoppers have been "delivered". My brother is very happy with his beer hopper. He gave me 4 pint glasses from local (Fort Collins) brew pubs and breweries at Christmas. I know he was more impressed with the monogrammed beer hopper that I gave him. My good friend also enjoyed receiving his glass (WPJ). It is very distinctive among his authentic Belgian glasses. My Brewhaven friend has displayed his beer hopper dead center above his store's check out counter. It really is a perfect spot, and he has put the certificate beneath it. I am some what disappointed that he won't drink from it for fear that he will break it. Apparently he broke a glass that he really liked some time ago. Anyway your craftsmanship has been greatly appreciated by all four people. Please keep up the neat work!!

Chris Gersey

Hello Jud,

Thank You!!! I love your work and will recommend it to others. What I especially like is the communication and care you put forth within your product and your customers. You are very professional, personable, accommodating and responsive, with that in hand, I Wish you Many Years of Success & Prosperity!!

Have A Happy Holiday Season!



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