The Beer HopperFAQ Page

Q: The price of The Beer Hopper seems high for a beer mug. Why is it higher than most other beer glasses?

A: Actually, the price is very reasonable for what you are getting. The Beer Hopper is truly a collectible item. It isn't just another beer mug. Each one is individually hand pressed from a single mould. Only a limited number of glasses can be made each year. Think of this: Most true microbrew lovers don't think twice about spending about $24.00 for 24 bottles of good beer. How long does that beer last? At the rate of 1 bottle a day, it lasts less than 1 month. The Beer Hopper will be there case after case for you to enjoy! Also, there are collectible steins that cost many times more than The Beer Hopper.

Q: How can you patent a beer glass?

A: The Beer Hopper has a design patent. This means that Kreative Concepts owns the exclusive right to manufacture any container which is based on the shape of a hop cone. Since we own that right, we can ensure that The Beer Hopper remains a collectible item for the duration of the patent term. Even if when the patent expires in 14 years, another company were to start manufacturing replicas of The Beer Hopper, owners of the current ones have the real collectibles.

Q: Where are the glasses made?

A: Each Beer Hopper is made at Mosser Glass Inc. in Cambridge, OH. The mould is mounted, heated, and then molten glass is poured by one person into the mould while another hand presses a plunger down into the mould to shape the glass. Then, the glass is removed from the mould and placed in a glazing oven to give it a shiny finish and to smooth any possible rough edges. Regular pint mugs that you see in pubs and restaurants are made by the thousands at a time by the big glass companies. You can think of like this: A Beer Hopper is to a regular pub mug as a fine microbrewed beer is to the mass marketed beers. Hand crafted mugs for hand crafted beer!

Q: Can I get my own logo or information engraved on the circular area of the glass?

A: Yes, you can. The cost depends on what you want engraved. You can also have screened images placed on the glass. Custom images and engravings are handled on a case by case basis.


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