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Updated 03/12/2010

Beer Hopper Gift Ideas

Owners of Microbreweries or Brewpubs or establishments which serve fine beer may consider The Beer Hopper as a gift to employees during holiday seasons or for special recognition.

Corporate Department heads who are very cool and have the occassional Beer Blast may give these out as mementos to help keep employee satisfaction ratings high.

A bride-to-be whose groom-to-be is a lover of fine beer might want to consider a personalized BeerHopper as a unique gift to her new hubby.

A groom-to-be ....wait, we already did that, but wanted to be fair to both sides.

Monogrammed BeerHoppers would be excellent gifts for a groom to give to his groomsmen at a wedding party.

A BeerHopper would be an excellent Father's Day or birthday gift for the Dad who loves his beer and has everything else. Finally, an item that he probably doesn't have.

Dads, when your son turns 21 and you want to take him out for his first legal beer, why not treat it to him in style. Have it served to him in his brand new BeerHopper.

Brewpubs and fine restaurants which serve multiple microbrews may buy a customized BeerHopper for display and give personalized ones to employees or frequent customers as appreciation for service or patronage.

Businesses hosting hospitality suites, especially those serving beer could use this glass as a giveaway or just as their glass to serve in.

If you think of unique or catchy ideas for Beer Hopper gifts, e-mail us and let us know. If you just want to comment on the product to us, we welcome your input. Just click below and let us know!

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