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A Product of Kreative Concepts LLC

Updated 01/11/2016

Procedure for Ordering The Beer Hopper

VISA/MC Accepted

A 6% sales tax charge will be added for all North Carolina customers.

If you are requesting Kreative Concepts LLC to do any monogramming, please clearly indicate the letters you want etched and the order in which they should appear. For example, my initials are JJP. To have this monogrammed, the request should appear as: 3 letters: J J P

The Best way to Order is to phone us! 919-810-7472

In order to avoid adding cost to the product, we want to avoid having a full time person to answer the telephone for order taking. However, this doesn't mean that there is no human contact. We will provide a toll free number for you to call to place your order. Just call the number and leave a name and number of where and when you can be reached and someone will return your call and process your order.