The Beer HopperPhoto Page

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Updated 3/12/2010

Sample Photos from the development of The Beer Hopper™

This is a picture of the prototype of The Beer Hopper. Notice the rectangular logo area instead of the circular one on the actual product.

This is the model from which the mould below was built.

This is the mould into which hot, molten glass poured. The mould is clamped together, glass poured in, a plunger is hand pressed down into the cavity to form the glass. Then the mould is opened and the mug placed into a glazing oven to increase its luster. This is the front side part of mould. And, this is the one and only mould for The Beer Hopper.

You can see the overlapping petals on the hop from which The Beer Hopper derived its design.

This picture pretty much speaks for itself. Classy mug, Classic Beer. I saved a few of the original Pete's Wicked Honey Wheat bottles when I saw that the design had changed.

As you can see, I like Pete's products. But, I am fond of many of the new microbrews out there today. I'll probably start a photo page featuring the different microbrews that make their way from a The Beer Hopper to my body. This is a before picture.

This is the after pouring picture. I enjoyed the beer so much, I forgot to take the after drinking picture. You can see from this picture where the 12 oz. mark on the mug is. The mug holds exactly 20 oz. of your favorite brew.

Now, here is a frosted mug!! The Beer Hopper frosts up very nicely. And, look who's just waiting to be poured in. I can verify that the Samuel Adams in the picture poured in very nicely and tasted just fine!

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