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Last Updated on 3/12/2010

Each Beer Hopper is individually hand pressed from a single mould and then fired polished to provide a unique mug with a personality all its own. These are not mugs produced by the hundreds of thousands. These are for the knowledgeable beer drinker; one who can appreciate the uniqueness and origin of the concept from which it was born. For this reason, The Beer Hopper makes an excellent gift choice for those in the industry, be it a Homebrew Club,  MicroBrewery, a BrewPub, or an Eatery which serves fine beer.   Remember, these are handcrafted, 20 oz. beer glasses, not mass produced by a large glass factory.  Visit some of the other pages to see pictures of the single cavity mould from which ALL BeerHoppers are produced.

Shipping prices depend upon where they are shipped.  USPS rates have now changed and are distance dependent.  In general, prices are: $8.50 for the first mug and $6.00 for each additional mug mailed to the same address. 


The table below describes the pricing of the different Beer Hopper products:

(See Quantity Pricing table below)

Blank BeerHoppers


One might say, 25.00 for a beer glass!?  But, this isn't just ANY beer glass.  Each glass in individually made at Mosser Glass and it takes SEVEN PEOPLE to make each glass.  There are mouth blown wine glasses that retail for over $50.00 PER STEM and are so fragile that they'll break if you look at them wrong.   This glass is the last beer glass you'll ever need!

There is an area on the glass for personalization as well.  We can add company logos, initials, names, monograms, just about anything, and it is SANDBLASTED into the glass.  It's PERMANENT!  Won't wash off, ever!

At Kreative Concepts, we will engrave up to 3 initials, a name, or a company logo for 15.00.  (Logos may be more depending upon complexity but simple black/white line art logos can be done for the $15.00 fee above.)  Homebrew clubs or any establishment that has a logo that they would like etched onto the BeerHopper may send in a request for a quote on putting the logo on the glass.   In general, it's not too much more expensive and our experience is that clubs getting logos tend to purchase quantities which allows us to spread the setup over those quantities. 


Quantity Pricing Table (Standard Edition)



Pieces 1 - 10


Pieces 11 - 50


Pieces 51-100


Pieces over 100


Note that these prices are cumulative, i.e., the 1st 10 are 25.00 ea., the next 40 are 24.50, etc.

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