Custom Caricature Mugs/Tankards/Plaques/Tags

These make excellent gifts to groomsmen, department managers or all members of a department.  A great Father's Day gift as well or just a plain funny gift for the person who has everything else!

dacaricatureblue1.jpg (23137 bytes)

dacaricaturewhite1.jpg (26576 bytes)


This is an example of creating a mask that protects the glaze on the tankard while we etch away the glaze around the image. This is a more tedious and timing consuming process and therefore more expensive.  The white area is the bisque under the ceramic glaze.

PRICE:  $50.00 for the first one, $35.00 for each copy of the same image.


This is an example of how we etch the actual image into the ceramic and then rub it with a permanent black compound which makes the image visible.  Though tedious, the actual etching time is not as extensive as the one on the left and therefore this option is not as expensive.

PRICE:  $35.00 for the first one, $25.00 for each copy of the same image.

The actual process of making one of these items is as follows:

  1. You send us a digitized photograph (email a digital photo or a scan of a regular photo.  If you do not have access to a digital camera or a scanner, we can scan the photo for you if you send the photo.  We'll return the photo along with your tankard or plaque.) of the person whose caricature you want.  A nice smile is helpful for the artist to render a lively caricature.    

  2. Our artist will sketch the caricature in black and white.

  3. We scan the finished caricature and then size it appropriately.

  4. We create a piece of film in either a positive or negative format depending upon the type of tankard you want (negative for the blue above, positive for the white one above.)

  5. We create the mask using state-of-the-art photoresists, similar to the way printed circuit boards for computers are made.

  6. Once the mask is dry, we adhere it to the tankard and then sandblast.   In the case of the reverse etch, the glaze around the image is etched away.  As you can see, we are able to achieve fine details, even with this intense sandblasting.  In the case of the standard etch, the image itself is what is etched.   Once etched, the mask is removed in warm water.  For the reverse etch, the process is finished.  For the standard etch, a compound (usually black, but could be a variety of colors) is rubbed on and allowed to dry.  It is then buffed.  The compound remains on the etched area, but rubs off of the ceramic glaze.

The blue one is an example of actually sandblasting through the cermic coating on the tankard and leaving the image.  We call this a 'reverse etch'.   The white one is where we etch the image directly and then color it with a permanent black compound.

If you would like the original caricature, suitable for framing, you can have it for an additional $15.00. 

Framed and ready to hang, the price of the original caricature is $35.00.

To order, call Kreative Concepts LLC at:  800-353-1706 or email us at:

Visa/MC/Discover accepted.

Here is an illustrated example of the process:

dwphoto.jpg (26995 bytes)   1. Digital Photo      dwcar.gif (2339 bytes)  2. Draw the caricature.

dwneg.gif (3057 bytes) 3. If you want a Reverse, we reverse the image.   We make photomasks from these images and apply them to the tankards.  We sandblast them and the result is what you see in the two pictures above.