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Introducing the BAUSCHER line of fine stemware.  The highest quality LEAD FREE crystal at nearly half the price of Riedel.  Personalization also available.  Sets of these glasses would make excellent client gifts.  To learn more of the Bauscher line of stemware, CLICK HERE.

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June Special

Get a set of 6 Inspiration Wine glasses (from the Bauscher line) for only $50.00.  They are regularly 8.92 per stem.  Personalize each glass with a family name, initial, or monogram for only $5.00 extra per glass, regularly $10.00 per glass.

Personalized Gifts with your budget in mind and quality second to none! See some examples in the pictures below!  For those who prefer gift certificates, we are now offering an unbeatable deal.   We offer 3 variations of certificates.  Get a $30.00 certificate for $25.00, a $50.00 certificate for $40.00, or a $100.00 certificate for $80.00.  Buy 10 certificates at once and get one free certificate of equal value.  An agency may choose to purchase multiple certificates and then individual agents/brokers can 'purchase' them from the agency.  Does your agency have a year end party?  Buying certificates in bulk and using the money from the 'purchase' of the 'free' certificates is a creative and painless way to help fund such a party.  For example, if an agency bought 10 sets of 10 $100.00 certificates during  the course of a year, you would have received 10 free $100.00 certificates.  When agents 'buy' the certificate for $80.00 when the need arises, those 10 free ones would raise $800.00 for the agency to go towards putting on a special event or to fund awards for top selling realtors in the agency.  This is another way to provide high value to your client and save money on an individual basis.  See an example of the certificate below:

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Updated 10/20/2004

Current Special: Good until sold out.  I have 5 sets of 4 French Crystal Whiskey Glasses.  These sell for $45.00 per set plain.  I will put a family name or a monogram or initial on each set at no extra charge for the first 5 buyers of these gorgeous sets of glasses.

Are you tired of trying to figure out what to give your clients once closing has finished?  Do you want to give them something that they can keep and will always remember where they got it?  Is budget a concern?  Do you want to save the most important thing of all,  TIME?  Then, you are at the right place!

If you want to give your customers HIGH QUALITY and keep costs to a minimum, then you need look no further.   Kreative Concepts can help you decide what to give and deliver it promptly, personalized, with superior quality.  I am Jud Patterson, owner of Kreative Concepts LLC, and I'll make sure that whatever you decide, you will get it on time with guaranteed quality.  I work from my home, so my low overhead allows me to pass these savings on to you.

This page is not comprehensive but serves to illustrate many of the items Kreative Concepts can supply to you for settlement gifts.  Keep in mind that all of these items can be personalized to suit your client.  Kreative Concepts offers both sandblast etching (for glass, crystal, marble, and ceramic items) as well as state of the art Laser Engraved items, mostly our wooden plaques and boxes.  We offer a unique service with our laser engraving in that we can take a photograph of your client's new home and actually laser engrave it directly onto a nice wooden box or plaque to make a truly unique and memorable keepsake. Please check back often as we will be updating this page with new and exciting items on a continual basis.  Keep an eye out for the specials we offer every couple of months too.  If there is something you have in mind that you don't see here, by all means give us a call and explain what it is and we'll see if we can help you create the product you envision.

So, browse the table of products below and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

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This hardwood trivet is one of a set of 3 trivets.  Each trivet in the set is customized with the name of the family or whatever you prefer to put on them.   The other two trivets are round and square and made of the same material and pattern as this one.  This is certainly an item that can be used over and over.  The personalization is laser engraved and will never 'disappear'.   Each trivet is approximately 8 inches across.


PRICE:  $35.00 per set of 3.

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Do you want a business card 'fridge' magnet that is sure to catch someone's attention?  We can custom laser engrave   and cut a card just for you.  Solid cherry wood, excellent quality.

PRICING:  Minimum order of 16 cards at 2.50 per card. Quantity discounts available.  Combine orders with other agents in your agency to get quantity discounts!

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Solid Maple Keychain, durable, and custom laser engraved to suit your needs.  Logo, Name, and up to two other lines, single sided.  Size: 2 inches by 1.25 inches. They are about .25 inches thick.

PRICING:  $4.00 ea.,  50 or more: 3.50 ea.

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Looking for something with utility that anyone could use?  The wording and name on this unique key holder can be anything you like.  If you prefer some sort of wooden pegs for the key holders, that is available as well.  The pictured sample is simulated oak grain.  Solid cherry versions are also available at a slightly higher price.  And for a truly unique touch, Kreative Concepts can actually laser engrave a photograph of your client's house onto a cherry plaque and either add the key holders or just have it as a wall plaque as a statement of when the household was established!


Standard Oak Finish:  $25.00  Solid Cherry: $35.00 Photograph of Home laser engraved:  $55.00

housepicplaque.jpg (30841 bytes)

This handsome solid cherry plaque is certainly one of the most unique items a person could receive.  Here, we have taken an actual photograph of a client's new home and laser engraved it directly onto the wood!   The plaque is available with our without the 'key holders' at the bottom and the text is whatever you want it to be.  This idea can be extended to a nice wooden box instead of a plaque.  Pricing depends on the size of the plaque or box chosen.   Pricing for lasered photo products starts at 40.00.

PRICING:  THIS ITEM would be priced at $55.00.  Smaller plaques available starting at 40.00.  Fine cherry wooden boxes with photo lasering start at 50.00.

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So, you've got a single guy client and you just don't know what to give him.  Kreative  Concepts has oodles of mugs that can be customized to suit your needs.  Pictured is a Brittania style 20 oz. mug, fully customizable.  This is our 'St. Patty Day' special.  Most of our beer glasses run around the same prices though we do have some rather large ones and even a beer glass that has a patented design that are a little higher.

Prices:  $15.00 for 1, or get 4 for $50.00.  For larger mugs or the patented BeerHopper, please inquire.  Feel free to mix and match styles.  More mug photos coming soon.

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Looking for something quaint and simple? This beautiful cherry heart box is an excellent place for earrings, rings, and other small pieces of jewelry.  This makes a great gift for a single lady or for a Valentine's Day present (heads up guys!)  It's approxmately 3.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.   Also available in walnut but the cherry is better for customization.  These also work nicely as bridesmaids gifts, individually names or monogrammed.

Round ones are available as well.

PRICE: $25.00

greenmarblewinechiller-9206.gif (17797 bytes)greenmarblechampagnechiller-9211.gif (25889 bytes)blackmarblechampagnechiller-9210.gif (12702 bytes)

These handsome marble wine and champagne chillers can be sandblasted with a family name (the etched area is colored silver or gold.)  Great for clients who like to entertain and want something classy to keep the wine or champagne cool while not being poured.  Available in green or black marble.  Quantity discounts available.

PRICE: 60.00 customized wine chiller  65.00 for champagne chillers.

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This is a standard ceramic, cobalt blue coffee mug.  These are personalized by sandblasting the blue enamel away.  The resulting image is permanent and will never 'wash away' like many printed mugs do.   Also available in several other colors, such as white, black, red, green, and some 'faux marble' colors as well.

Clear glass coffee mugs are also available. Check back for more pictures of mugs soon.

PRICE:  15.00 for 1, 25.00 for 2, 40.00 for four.

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When you have occasion to give something on the 'high end', either as a settlement gift for a special customer or for a wedding gift, these Italian crystal glasses are sure to please.  Initialed or monogrammed, these make an excellent gift for the client whose tastes and desire for high quality items runs high.  Pictured glass is a water glass.  Also available in red wine, white wine, and champagne flutes. 

Keep in mind that we can supply less expensive glassware such as tea glasses, water glasses, tumbers, Old Fashioneds, many styles of wine and champagne glasses for much less.

Price: 100.00 for a set of Four

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These Cobalt Blue transluscent coffee glasses make a fantastic, inexpensive but elegant gift when you are on a budget.   When etched, the light blue frosted look against the dark, clear cobalt blue gives a beautiful contrast.  Furthermore, these glasses are durable and heavy duty.    Also available in champagne flutes, traditional pint glasses for beer, and a variety of wine glasses.   CLICK HERE to see more cobalt glass items.


PRICE:  15.00 for 1, 25.00 for 2, 40.00 for four.

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These crystal ice buckets are ideal closing gifts.  They can be used for a variety of occasions, can be beautifully engraved with your clients' family names or with whatever you'd like to have on them.  They are an elegant item without an elegant price!  Another budget minded gift without a budget minded appearance.


Pricing:  $45.00 ea. 

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This elegant coffee/tea mug/glass, engraved with your clients' initials, family name, or just a last initial would certainly be something they'd use over and over again.  Durable, elegant, and usable, this is the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list.  Ask us about our many other styles of coffee mugs which can easily be personalized if this one isn't your 'cup of tea.'

Pricing:   1 for 17.50, 2 for 30.00, 4 for 50.00

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During the holiday season, a variety of beveled glass tree ornaments make great inexpensive gifts to your clients; gifts that remind them that you are thinking of them and of the service you provided for them.   Each of these can be engraved with the name of your customer.  They also make great gifts when one of your customers has a new addition to the family.   "Baby's First Christmas" or some other appropriate 'dated' phrase can be easily engraved on ornament or perhaps a newly married couple can have a personalized ornament for their first Christmas together.  Order early to avoid the seasonal rush and to guarantee particular styles of ornaments are available.

Pricing:  $15.00 ea., 2 for $25.00, or, 4 or more at $10.00 ea.

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This elegant 'throw' is based on NC artist Allen Montague's famous 'Homeplace' painting.  It is over 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall and faithfully reproduces the painting. (Manufactured in North Carolina as well!)

Individually priced at $75.00.  In quantities of 50 or more, they can be bought for $60.00 each.  Your agency might want to order a bundle of 50 or more pieces for more cost effective, ready made closing gifts.

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This beautiful wooden box, made of solid cherry, was custom laser engraved with the photo of the home that was sold.  Notice that we can also personalize with a name on the front of the box.  The Price of this gift, including the box is $75.00 plus sales tax.  You need only supply us with a high quality digital photo of the object you would like engraved on the box and we'll do the rest.