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Updated on: 07/29/2006

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Remember, what you see here is just a smattering of what we can do for you. If you don't see what you want here, pick up the phone and call 1-919-387-1706 and tell us your ideas and together, we will come up with something in your budget that suits your needs. If you'd like to e-mail us instead, click here. And, even though this page focuses primarily on the Bride and Groom, we have plenty of ideas for the wedding party in general, so feel free to inquire about them as well. Pricing depends on the amount of etching to be done. For gift ideas in general or for the wedding party like groomsmen, bridesmaids, and rehearsal dinner favors, click here.

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The item below is our Summer Special.  It's a replica of your wedding invitation (or it could be your wedding vows), custom laser engraved onto solid cherry wood, about 1/16" thick, with magnetic material added to the back to make a truly unique refrigerator magnet that is a daily reminder of your special day.  Only $25.00 thru September 21, 2003!

weddingfridgemagnet.jpg (17676 bytes)

For the Bride

This gorgeous hand cut crystal bowl is sure to be an exquisite addition to a new household. Wooden base is optional.

Yet another bowl which can be etched with a special message. Hand cut crystal. The wooden base is optional. This curved beveled glass frame comes with wedding bells etched on it. A name or message can be added to suit the occasion.

This curved beveled glass frame can be etched with a copy of the wedding invitation, a special message, basically anything you'd like. A wedding photo may be placed in the frame. This piece lends itself to a variety of applications in addition to weddings.

These pieces can also have an invitation etched onto them for a very nice but relatively inexpensive gift. Various sizes are available. This flat beveled frame is yet another choice for an elegant gift on a small budget. An invitation or a special message to the newlywed on your gift list may be just what you need here.

For the Groom

Special New Items:  Personalized Multi-function pocket knives.  CLICK HERE for details.

This handsome desk accessory can be customized to fit your or your company's needs.

For the cigar aficionado on your gift list. This is a lead crystal cigar ashtray. Personalized, it can be yours for less than $90.00.

Desk accessories for the person who prefers the classy marble look to glass or crystal.

More marble desk accessories. These can be purchased separately though they are shown as a set.

Yet, more..covering the marble version of the name plate.

If you want small but elegant, these might fit the bill.

ssflask6oz.gif (37990 bytes) ssflask6ozjustflask.gif (25335 bytes)  

This stainless steel flask comes in either 6 or an 8 ounce size.  Complete with a funnel and two stainless steel shot glasses, this is the perfect groomsman's gift if a flask is what you had in mind.  Plain:   $28.50 for the 6 oz., $31.50 for the 8 oz.  Add $3.00 per line for laser engraving to personalize this item.

This stainless steel flask comes in either 6 or an 8 ounce size.  This is a great flask if you are on a budget and opt for something a little less expensive than the one to the right.

Plain:  $24.50 for the 6 oz., $27.50 for the 8 oz.  Add $3.00 per line for laser engraving to personalize this item.


Come back soon as we add new photos of items specific to grooms. We will be showing a variety of marble items for desks such as long triangular name plates, etched and then gold filled, fine drinkware that the groom or groomsmen would love to have. Be sure and go back to our main page and look at some of the many other items we have.

We have an array of wooden boxes designed to hold a deck of cards or jewelry (suitable for both men and women) onto which we can laser engrave names, graphics, or even photos! If you have an idea or question, please EMAIL us now or call 1-919-387-1706 and we will be glad to help you.